“Since I moved to Dubai, there has been one thing that I miss the most – my local Kebab Shop”.

Wherever the kebab was invented, it is without a doubt popular all over the world. Different flavours and recipes determine where the kebab originates from Turkey, the Middle East and Asia are known for the most famous recipes…

The Kebab Shop is a blend of all three destinations bringing you the finest delectable of kebabs from across the globe. A casual restaurant with defining colors, The Kebab Shop is a unique brand that is taking the Middle East by storm!!

At The Kebab Shop all of our dishes are prepared by top class chefs, using freshly ground spices and aromatic herbs. We prepare all of our dishes using only quality fresh meats and fresh poultry, keeping that home cooked taste that you will savour and will keep you coming back for more.

We are constantly working on bringing you new recipes from across the globe.

Enjoy Your Meal!