British Street Food

Anyone who has been to the UK will know that the donner kebab is a huge street food phenomenon, and any venue that serves it is commonly referred to as a kebab shop. The UK donner is served in various forms, the most famous of which are in a pita, on an open naan bread, with fries, or as a wrap. The most prestigious and sought after venues, will only serve donner that is prepared by their own in-house skilled chefs, using only the highest quality meats and chicken.

The Kebab Shop (TKS) was opened in Dubai as a family business back in 2009, in the Discovery Gardens area of Dubai. Right from the outset it was decided that we would be producing our own donner right here in Dubai, using age old recipes from the oldest and most celebrated establishments in the UK. The challenge was to take a product that was notoriously unhealthy and regarded as a ‘junk food’ and to completely overhaul it to provide a nutritious and healthy kebab, without compromising on taste. We decided that we would use only fresh Australian lamb (sourced locally), rather than a mix of veal, beef and other frozen offcuts that are commonly found in ‘production line’ kebabs. To further trademark our taste, we resolved that we would not add anything to our kebab except our secret blend of spices. The result was astounding, and from the moment we opened our doors it was clear that we had a product that would take the market by storm.

The Kebab Shop – Dubai