The first Kebab Shop restaurant was opened as a family business in the summer of 2010 in the Discovery Gardens area of Dubai. Since then, the brand has expanded to include 5 prime locations within Dubai & the Northern Emirates. All 5 current locations are self-owned by the founding members and have become established within all sectors of the community as THE place to go for good, wholesome food.

Each Kebab Shop is focused on making great food. In fact, it is so great that 80% of all franchise enquiries are from existing customers who believe in the product.

The donner kebab and indeed the concept of the ‘kebab shop’ is something that can be found all over the world, particularly in parts of Europe where the donner has become the fastest selling street food product, and the ‘kebab shop’ has become the most common type of food outlet.

In the last three years of physical operation in the UAE, we have spent valuable time perfecting our recipes and our policies …